Sagal Fish Market in Bronxville NY

Welcome to Sagal Fish Market, where the essence of the ocean meets the heart of Bronxville, NY. Our journey began with a passion for offering the freshest and finest seafood, rooted in a deep commitment to our Bronxville community. As a beacon of culinary excellence, we’ve become more than just a market; we are part of the local fabric, interweaving our story with the vibrant history and culture of Bronxville.

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Crafting a Seafood Legacy in Bronxville

In Bronxville, NY, Sagal Fish Market stands as a testament to quality and tradition. Our inception was inspired by the community’s discerning taste and our desire to meet it with unparalleled seafood selections. We have forged strong connections within Bronxville, not just serving seafood but celebrating the local palate and preferences, which have shaped our offerings and approach.

Your Local Seafood Connoisseur

At Sagal Fish Market in Bronxville, we take pride in sourcing the finest catches, ensuring each product we offer embodies our standard of freshness and quality. Our patrons in Bronxville know us as the go-to place for seafood that brings a taste of the ocean’s bounty to their tables, with every visit promising a new discovery and a delightful culinary experience.





Join Us in Bronxville, NY

Bronxville, NY

A Commitment to Community and Sustainability

Our bond with Bronxville is fortified by shared values and a collective spirit of community. Sagal Fish Market is not just a business; it’s a place where relationships are nurtured, and local heritage is cherished. We are committed to contributing positively to the Bronxville community, embracing sustainability, and fostering a love for the sea’s natural wonders.
Shante Weber
Shante Weber
They are clean there sea food is fresh and there food as well
Jeremy Aulestia
Jeremy Aulestia
Good spot for hot plate lunch. In my opinion the lunch is much better than El presidente II and El Valle that are nearby
Nice place.