Sagal fish Market
3438 Jerome Ave, Bronx, NY 10467, United States

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Seafood Restaurant

Seafood Restaurant welcomes you to a premier dining experience dedicated to exquisite seafood cuisine. Our restaurant showcases a delectable menu featuring

Home Food Delivery

Home food delivery services provide flexible delivery options, including scheduled deliveries, express delivery for quick meals, and tracking features to monitor the status of your order in real time.

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Dominican Restaurant

Our Dominican restaurant offers a taste of the vibrant and flavorful cuisine of the Dominican Republic, known for its rich blend of African, Spanish, and indigenous Taino influences.

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Fish Market

Fish markets often feature seasonal specialties based on what's locally available and in peak freshness. This might include certain types of fish or shellfish that are abundant during specific times of the year.

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Sustainable Seafood
Responsible Choices

Local Fishermen Partnerships

In partnership with local fishermen, SAGAL Fish Market ensures that your seafood is not only exceptionally fresh but also sustainably harvested. Our collaborative efforts with these local communities create a cycle of sustainability

Marine Ecosystem Protection

We are deeply committed to protecting the marine ecosystem. Our sustainable practices help preserve ocean habitats and species, ensuring the sea's riches endure for future generations. This stewardship reflects our respect for the environment and our responsibility towards planetary health.

Educational Outreach

At SAGAL Fish Market, education is key. We enlighten our customers about the fascinating journeys of our fish, the critical role of sustainable fishing, and how their choices impact ocean health. Our goal is to inspire informed decisions

They All Love Our Food

Shante Weber
Shante Weber
They are clean there sea food is fresh and there food as well
Jeremy Aulestia
Jeremy Aulestia
Good spot for hot plate lunch. In my opinion the lunch is much better than El presidente II and El Valle that are nearby
Nice place.

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