Sagal Fish Market in Mount Vernon, NY

Welcome to Sagal Fish Market, where we bring the essence of the ocean to Mount Vernon, NY. Our market is renowned for providing the community with the freshest and finest seafood selections. In the heart of Mount Vernon, we are committed to offering a diverse range of high-quality seafood that captures the taste and tradition of the sea.

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Rooted in the Community of Mount Vernon

Our presence in Mount Vernon, NY, goes beyond being a seafood market; it represents a deep connection with the local community and a shared passion for the culinary arts. At Sagal Fish Market, we are dedicated to enhancing the local food culture, supplying both residents and restaurants with premium seafood products that are both sustainable and responsibly sourced.

A Commitment to Freshness and Quality

In Mount Vernon, NY, Sagal Fish Market stands out for its strict adherence to quality and sustainability. We select our seafood carefully, ensuring that each item we offer is fresh, of the highest quality, and environmentally conscious. Our customers in Mount Vernon deserve the best, and we strive to deliver exceptional seafood that meets our rigorous standards.





Experience the Essence of the Mount Vernon, NY at Sagal Fish Market

Mount Vernon, NY

Experience Seafood Excellence in Mount Vernon

Visit Sagal Fish Market in Mount Vernon, NY, and discover a world of fresh, exquisite seafood. Whether you are a seafood connoisseur, a home cook, or simply someone who appreciates the finer tastes of life, we have something special for you. Join us at our Mount Vernon location and let the flavors of our seafood inspire your next culinary adventure.

Shante Weber
Shante Weber
They are clean there sea food is fresh and there food as well
Jeremy Aulestia
Jeremy Aulestia
Good spot for hot plate lunch. In my opinion the lunch is much better than El presidente II and El Valle that are nearby
Nice place.