Ultimate Homestyle Feast Combo

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1 Whole Baked Chicken
3 Fried Pork Chops
2Lt. Soda

Ultimate Homestyle Feast Combo – COMBO #2

Discover the ultimate dining experience with our ‘Ultimate Homestyle Feast Combo.’ Perfect for families and friends, this combo brings a lavish spread of comfort food favorites to your table. Dive into the heartiness of a whole baked chicken and three crispy, golden-fried pork chops, each piece echoing the warmth of home-cooked perfection. The fluffy, aromatic rice and creamy beans serve as the perfect companions, while the fresh salad adds a crisp, refreshing contrast. To top it off, a 2Lt. soda ensures a sweet, fizzy finish to your feast. Gather around for a meal that promises satisfaction and joy in every bite.


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