Grand Homestyle Combo


3 Pork Chops
Stew Chicken
2 Lt. Soda

Grand Homestyle Combo – Combo #4

Delight your senses and gather around the table with our “Family Feast Combo: Classic Comfort.” This hearty meal is a tribute to timeless flavors and the joy of sharing. Featuring a succulently baked chicken and a generous serving of tender, juicy pork, it’s a meat lover’s dream. Accompanied by a side of fluffy, perfectly cooked rice and medium-sized creamy beans, each bite takes you on a journey to comfort food heaven. To ensure your feast is complete, we’ve included a 2-liter soda for a refreshing touch. Ideal for family dinners, special occasions, or whenever the craving for homestyle cooking strikes, our combo is a celebration of rich, satisfying tastes that bring people together.


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