Sagal Oceanic Medley


Shrimp (5 PC)
Scallops (4 PC)
Whiting (3 PC)

Sagal Oceanic Medley – Order 6:

Indulge in the delightful tastes of the deep with ‘Sagal Oceanic Medley,’ a signature dish that harmoniously blends sea’s treasures. Featuring five plump shrimps, four succulent scallops, and three flaky Whiting fillets, each element of this dish is a testament to Sagal Fish Market’s commitment to freshness and quality. The shrimps are cooked to a tender perfection, their flavors bursting with every bite. The scallops, with their rich, buttery taste, offer a soft contrast, while the Whiting fillets provide a delicate, subtly sweet finish

Crispy Sea Delights with Fries:

This platter is a seafood lover’s dream, featuring four plump and juicy shrimps, three succulent scallops, a tender Whiting fillet. Accompanied by a generous helping of our crispy, golden french fries, this dish is a feast for the senses.



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