Seafood Symphony Delight


  • Whiting (2 PC)
  • L Shrimp (6 PC)
  • Scallops (3 PC)
  • Squid (5PC)
  • Grab Sticks (2PC)

Seafood Symphony Delight – Order 1 :

Dive into the flavors of the ocean with our “Seafood Symphony Delight,” a dish lovingly crafted for seafood enthusiasts. Begin your culinary adventure with two tender Whiting fillets, each piece cooked to perfection, offering a delicate texture and a taste that sings of the sea. Accompanying the Whiting are six large shrimps, each bursting with juiciness and rich flavor, creating a harmonious blend of taste and texture. Three scallops, carefully seared to a tender finish, join the ensemble, adding their own soft, buttery notes to the melody.


Accompanied by delicious fries

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